Let’s face it, getting engaged is a major milestone in a relationship. When it comes to marriage, simply loving someone isn’t enough for a successful marriage. Getting married isn’t all hearts and flowers. It’s about putting in hard work for the rest of your lives. If you feel like your partner is getting ready to propose or you’ve talked about getting engaged, here are some key questions you should ask yourself to understand whether or not you and your partner are ready.

Are you both getting engaged for the right reasons?

Don’t think about looking forward to having a beautiful wedding, and don’t get engaged because it’s just “what people do, or expect you to do.” Talk about what you both want with your partner and the reason the two of you are interested in marriage. What does it mean to you both, and why is now the right time to take that next step?

Do you want the same things?

Make sure that before you get engaged, you’ve had the talk about your long-term vision for your life together. This can be a deal-breaker, such as do you want children but your partner doesn’t? Other things matter just as much too: do you want to advance your career, but they want a stay at home housewife?

Do you have the same values when it comes to marriage?

What are your views about marriage and the values it means to you? Why does marriage appeal more, as opposed to a long-term partnership? Understanding each other’s beliefs will help you know whether you really want to get married, or whether you’re just doing it because you think you should.

Do you trust each other?

Trust is key aspect of any relationship. Think about whether you trust your partner to take care of themselves and you can trust together, you’re financially stable. Do you trust them to value you over the opinions that their family or friends may hold? It’s important to have these tough conversations before you agree to walk down the aisle.

Are you both secure in your lives outside of each other?

If you feel you can’t live your life solo, you’re probably not ready to prioritise your relationship for a lifetime, sometimes over your own interests. You need to be sure that you’re comfortable with yourself first before committing to someone else.

Can you each compromise?

At some point in your relationship, compromise will inevitably happen. So, are you each willing to make sure you support each other’s hopes and dreams? Or will you resent having to compromise?

Everyone’s relationship is different. However, we all deserve to be happy, we only get one life. So, always have front of mind that a relationship should work two ways and be following the same path.

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