With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, many singletons can find themselves thinking about finding that someone special. Dating someone new can be both exciting and a little scary. But, if you’re looking to find ‘the one’, here are some dating goals you should keep in mind…

These goals are really all about doing what’s right for you. While we can all compromise, we only have one life, so don’t settle for ‘someone’ who will just do. You deserve to find someone who will make your heart race and your smile shine.

Date someone who wants the same as you…

If you’re ready to find ‘the one’ you need to make sure they want the same too. Don’t ignore the signs that the person you’re dating is just looking for something casual. They have to match your own expectations from dating, so simply tell them you want someone who’s in it for the real deal.

Date someone who adds to your life…

You should be with someone who adds value. If you’re the only person bringing anything positive and receiving nothing, it’s more likely that it’ll end badly. To be successful is a two-way thing and you both need to give and take.

Date someone who makes you smile…

There will always be hard times in life, but finding someone who can make you smile and who you can laugh with is someone who can help lift your spirits in both the good and bad.

Date someone who respects your time…

We inevitably have limited time, so don’t waste it. Date someone who respects your time and is aware that you’re giving up your time by dating them. Don’t date someone who never gets back to you, or only wants to see you when it’s best for them. Find someone who will respect the time you give them.

Date someone who shares your values…

You don’t need to have every last thing in common with the person you’re with. Enjoying different hobbies, food and music can still make you compatible, so long as you both have the same core values. Things like religion, morals, and what you value most.

This really isn’t an exhaustive list, but hopefully it gives you some inspiration for setting your own goals and finding success in your love life. Goal setting when it comes to dating may not be for everyone, but it can help to focus on what you’re looking for in a partner so you’re less likely to waste time on the wrong ones…. Happy Valentine’s!

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