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With the blue skies above and the sun shining, summertime has a special kind of romantic magic. Summer has this ability to send everyone into relaxation mode, and when you’re relaxed, you’re more willing to let love in. Most people remember summer dates fondly because our work schedules tend to be a little more relaxed and gives more ‘us’ time. It’s a time for holding hands, sharing moments and building the bonds of love. So, all this backdrop provides a perfect opportunity to tell that someone special ‘I Love You’.

Whether you’re saying those three little words for the first time or setting the scene to remind your partner how you feel, it’s always nice to think ahead and say how you feel in a memorable way. You might prefer to go low-key with a picnic in the park or sipping cocktails on a terrace. Or, for a more extravagant gesture, a sumptuous candle-lit romantic dinner for two with sentimental songs playing in the background or jetting off into the sunset is sure to create a fairy tale romance. The most important thing is a sincere imagination and a willing heart.

Here are some of our favourite ideas and places that will celebrate this particular milestone.

  • Strolling on the beach at sunset will definitely have a romantic effect. Kauai, Hawaii offers secluded beaches, intensely coloured tropical flowers and cascading waterfalls.
  • Overlooking the ocean with the perfect vantage point where you can cuddle up under the stars is incredibly romantic.  Santorini is perfect, with its whitewashed cave houses backed by blue-domed churches.
  • Say “Ti amo!” in Venice, one of the top locations for professing love, whether it’s a marriage proposal or simply a statement of your love, the beauty of this city sets the perfect mood.
  • Say “Je t’aime” in Paris, considered ‘très romantique’ and the perfect place in the city of love.
  • From Scottish islands to English country retreats, there’s no shortage of places to tell your loved one how you feel.
  • Visit one of the world’s more romantic restaurants that include, Clos Maggiore in London, with lovely displays of cherry blossoms in a dreamy low-lit setting. Or, how about Turtle Island in Fiji for the ultimate in intimate dining; a table for two on a lantern-lit wooden float in the middle of the Blue Lagoon.
  • Take to the air with a scenic plane ride, helicopter tour or hot air balloon ride.
  • As simple as it may sound, sometimes it’s the simplest of ideas that couples can enjoy the most. Go for a stroll in your favourite place and simply enjoy each other’s company.

These one-off gestures are romantic in the moment, but it’s making a point to consistently say and show your love and affection for your partner to keep your relationship strong and happy. It’s all too easy to just settle into complacency in a relationship, you need to remember to nourish it and express your love.

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