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We believe our clients are our first priority. Our team works tirelessly to understand the needs of our members and make a real difference to real people. Our personal approach is fundamental to our service and sets us apart, helping you to find that special person. We help to connect authentic, like-minded people and create a successful journey for our members. Online dating is about making a difference to your life and we want to provide a matchmaking service that truly offers something for everyone.

We bring excellence to your match finding experience

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Asian Elite UK caters for those looking for genuine relationships. Our reputation in the UK and internationally reflects the high standard of service we provide. Asian Elite UK helps to facilitate introductions so you can find a compatible partner who suits your lifestyle, preferences and with a particular focus and respect for the important role the family, culture and faith plays when it comes to matters of the heart.

Family values can be an incredibly important factor and family relationships are often close and very important in Asian culture. If things progress and marriage becomes a possibility, this is definitely something we keep in mind. When dating, respect to the family is really important if you want a relationship to grow, as much as the respect between you as a couple is just as vital as having respect for your parents.

At Asian Elite UK, we help you to meet people who are compatible with you and we are specifically focused on Asian singles who are looking for someone with a similar cultural background. We believe that as part of the process, respecting a mother’s opinion who has gravitas and authority in your family as your emotional advocate will help you to make the right choices.

In addition, we offer bespoke matchmaking personalised services if required, to help you find lasting happiness. You can view this service on our membership page.

The looming marriage deadline

People want to be with people who are successful and confident and want more in a relationship that matches modern life. Over the last 40 years in the UK, life expectancy has been increasing. We recognise that men and women are living longer and people are marrying later in life. The ‘deadline’ of thirty for young women to marry is outdated and couples who marry at 39 have as long together now, as those who married at 29 in previous generations. Our clients do not settle for second best and Asian Elite UK provides the opportunity to meet confident and like-minded people.

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Meet the founder of Asian Elite UK

Founder and owner, Durrey Shahwar, is the driving force behind the success of Asian Elite UK. Her expert knowledge of relationships and ability to listen and ask the right questions is the essence of our service.

A cosmopolitan Asian-British female in her early 40s, Durrey has been lucky in life to have had the opportunity to work all over the world, particularly for Royal families overseas. She spent her earlier years creating a successful career and really had a jet set lifestyle! Whilst loving the life she lived, she knew there was something missing and had a goal to settle down and start a family.

“Asian Elite UK is important to me as I want to help people find love and friendship. I have now settled down with two wonderful children and it is my aim to help people to find their perfect partner too.”




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